Death Goes Digital

How Funeral Directors Can Use LinkedIn To
Demonstrate Professionalism, Build Reputation and Create Visibility

Social Media Funeral Directors

Death Goes Digital

The Internet has revolutionised the search for information. When we have a question or want to find the services of a business, any business, we reach for a computer or more likely a smartphone and “Google it.” The Funeral Industry is no exception. The tried and tested methods of a word of mouth recommendation and a good local reputation are not enough.

The baby boom generation now making up half of the population is online. Funeral Directors need to be online too

Who Is This Book For? 

It is for Funeral Directors who own their own business.

It is for branch managers and staff in national Funeral Service companies.

It is for businesses who market their products and services to the Funeral Industry.

A digital strategy is more than a website. This book describes the seven benefits a Funeral Director can gain by adding LinkedIn to their online marketing plan.

This book is for those who see the marketplace of the Funeral Industry is changing. It is for those who see this development, but are unsure what to do first.  It is for those willing to adapt to this shift in society.  It is for those who will embrace digital marketing and social media to attract new customers.

This book is for those who are willing to change

For more information please contact me - Publish Date January 2016

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