Why Many People Now Choose Peter Billingham As A Funeral Celebrant In Bromsgrove

Why Many People Now Choose A Funeral Celebrant In Bromsgrove

What does a funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove do?

Faith and church attendance is part of the unique history of Bromsgrove.  People use Peter Billingham as funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove more than a Vicar or Priest to take a funeral service. Why is this?  This is because secularism changed the religious culture of the town. Bromsgrove is a town where once avid church goers were in the majority. It now matches many others throughout the country where attendance at church on a Sunday is a rarity.

Why would you use a vicar or a priest to take a funeral service when you never go to church?

A funeral service full of religious language, traditions, and style seems irrelevant and inauthentic. Many instead chose a funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove to take the service. Someone who skilled in speechwriting and public speaking. Someone who creates a celebration of life service that is full of beautiful memories. They use appropriate music and memorable words. Words that will speak comfort and healing to those families who have lost a loved one.

At the turn of the nineteenth century, there was one Established Church building in Bromsgrove. Standing, in a place of eminence at the West end of the town with 1050 seats, was the parish church of St John the Baptist. This beautiful building was the church for the rising middle class of the town.  The working class in the town were refused space to sit in the pews at St Johns. Instead, they met on ‘the Common’ in Sidemoor, now known as Broad Street.

In the next period of church history, there was a “building boom” in churches. The Established Church built new churches in Catshill, Lickey, Fairfield, Dodford, Sidemoor, All Saints and St Godwalds in Finstall. The “Dissenters” were building the Baptist church, the Unitarian Church, and the Quakers formed a small society in the town. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists were growing large congregations on the Birmingham Road and at the Ebenezer Methodist Church. The 1851 religious census showed that 41% of the population of the town was in church on that Sunday.

From 1900 onwards church attendance in Bromsgrove declined. Over the last 60 -70 years, the percentage of the population in church on Sundays is now less that 5%. Many factors caused this, but one overwhelming factor is the secularisation of the culture.

How Does This Impact The Use Of A Funeral Celebrant in Bromsgrove?

Faith is now a personal issue. People do not attend church. Except for maybe a wedding or child dedication, and even that is reducing year on year. This factor of declining church attendance is one of the main reasons people feel uncomfortable with a religious funeral service.  When dealing with the death of a loved one why have a religious service if religion was not a part of that person life? Listening to unfamiliar words, singing unknown hymns and hearing readings from Scripture may be traditional. Many people feel something is missing. That is why more people are using a funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove.

A funeral celebrant can:

  • Find and recommend suitable music.
  • Write a eulogy full of stories, memories and events that bring back joyous moments.
  • Find memorable words to speak of the legacy or impact of the loved one’s life without out having to use religious language.

Many of my clients tell me that the services I create for their loved ones as a funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove helps them deal better with the difficult process of a funeral service. They say that it was a celebration of life service that was personal, and reflected so much of the life of the loved one that they had lost. It helped them come to terms with the loss better.

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If you are interested in the religious history of the town then you may enjoy reading my book – Nailed To The Cross.

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