Organising a Celebration of Life Service

Nobody likes to think of the day we may lose someone we love. It is the most difficult situation we can face. When it does, it is most often when we least expect it.

Funeral arrangements need planning. We find ourselves worrying about what is going to happen at the service? How do I organise all the details? What words can I use at a funeral service that sums up the life of someone I love?

This is where Memorable Words wants to help you.

At Memorable Words, we believe the service and words spoken should be unique to the individual. Every life is different and so should the celebration of their life be different. The words should be relevant and fitting. The words should reflect the story of their lives. The words should help and comfort the family. A sensitive and representative celebration of life service is the first step on the long road of coming to terms with the loss.

The opposite can also be true. We may have been to a funeral service where the tributes spoken seemed to be of another person, not the one we knew. Many funeral services include uncommon religious terms. These can sometimes feel inappropriate for someone who rarely went to church.

This is where Memorable Words wants to be different.

Peter Billingham started Memorable Words because he wanted to give people a choice. Working together with the family he designs a celebration of a loved one’s life that is full of comfort and hope, memorable words. He wanted to give people a choice about who delivered the special words said at the celebration of the person loved. Peter Billingham works as funeral celebrant in Bromsgrove, Kidderminster and Redditch.

This is how Memorable Words can serve you.

In the first instance, either ask your Funeral Director to contact us at Memorable Words. Contact us direct by email: or Telephone: 07788404240

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