• What do I say in a funeral speech?
  • How do I write a eulogy?
  • What words do I say at a funeral of a work colleague?

The Memorable Words eulogy writing service is here to help when you have the role of delivering a speech at a funeral service.

Knowing what words to say at a funeral service and how to say them can be a daunting and worrying task. How can you sum up the life of someone special in little words and in a few minutes?

Here at Memorable Words we offer a special eulogy writing service. This can help take the worry away from you by writing a speech that puts into words exactly your memories and what you would want to say. We can help you create a sensitive, fitting and unique eulogy to the person that has passed away.

You have one chance to provide words that are memorable, relevant and special. Let Memorable Words help you by choosing one of our eulogy writing packages.

Package 1

Complete a detailed questionnaire. From the information you have provided, we will prepare an 8 – 10-minute eulogy. Cost £175

Package 2

Complete a detailed questionnaire. On receipt of the information, we will call and discuss in detail the contents and prepare an 8 – 10-minute eulogy. Cost £255

Please feel free to email or call us on 07788404240 to talk about your requirements.

All eulogy writing packages are payable in advance.
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