Why should you choose Peter Billingham as a Funeral Celebrant ?

I understand how devastating it is when someone you love dies. Whether it is sudden and unexpected, or natural & peaceful, the grief & loss still feel the same.

Planning the words for a funeral service is something you may have never done before. I recognise that this only compounds the anxiety you already feel. You want to have a fitting funeral service to celebrate their life. Where do you start? You only get one chance to get it right. How do you handle such a difficult situation?

You need someone to guide you.

  • Someone who has helped hundreds of other people in the same situation.

  • Someone to listen to your concerns.

  • Someone who takes the time to learn about your loved one.

  • Someone to craft memorable words that capture the uniqueness of their personality.

That someone is me. Let me help you navigate that challenging road. 

Nothing is too much trouble for me to help you.

Together we can capture the essence of your loved one's personality. I want to listen to you tell stories about your loved one. This enables me to write individual words that reflect their character. Together we can create the words for a funeral service everyone will treasure and remember. 

Four Steps to a Memorable Funeral Service

Step One

Let your Funeral Director know that you have chosen me as the celebrant for the service. You can do this by either passing on my contact details:

Tel - 07788404240
Email - info@memorablewords.co.uk

Or by downloading the printed information sheet. You can take this with you to the funeral director when you are discussing the funeral arrangements.

Step Two

Next, we will arrange a time to meet. This usually is face to face. But sometimes distance or time constraints mean we have to use other ways to communicate. But don't worry, we can do whatever is necessary to spend time together. I will take lots of notes, I often use a digital recorder to make sure I get every detail correct. We can chat about suitable music. Are there other creative ways to bring uniqueness and individuality to the service? Will anyone else want to speak at the ceremony? If so, I can assist with those words and even say your words for you on the day if necessary. Nothing is too much trouble to help.


After our meeting, I will write a full first draft of the service and send it to you. We then together can craft and refine these words until you are 100% happy with the text for the day. There are no surprises at the service. It's hard to covey the tone of how the words will sound. By the time the ceremony arrives, after much rehearsal, I will be able to say the words with energy, and emotion.  


On the day, along with your funeral directors, I will be by your side guiding you. I will ensure everything we have planned happens as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You do not need to be worrying about anything to do with the service, that's my role. This peace of mind leaves you all your energy to focus on the day.   

Questions You Might Have

I'm worried about using a stranger to say the words? I can understand that. So were many others, it's natural. Read the written words on Google reviews of how I helped others through the process and hopefully that will alleviate your worries.

What about fees? Usually, my costs form part of your account at the Funeral Directors. 

By choosing Peter Billingham,  what will I get?

  • Peace of mind. It is worrying now how everything will go on the day. Read again some of the reviews of other people who felt exactly the same as you do. You can see they made the right decision of asking me to lead the funeral service.

  • A professional and experienced celebrant. I have conducted 100's of unique funeral services for families. Most of them had never had to organise a funeral before. , Together we created a service that was fitting and authentic for their loved one.

  • Someone who takes time to listen. After spending time together, I will research and write a unique eulogy. You will have 100% confidence it says everything you would wish at the funeral service of the one you love.

  • A sense of doing what was best for your loved one. I understand how now the loss feels so raw. We never get over the death of a loved one. A first step in the journey of coming to terms with the grief you experience will be that the funeral you had for them was something you felt proud to have organised.

You could leave it to chance and not choose your own celebrant. You could give that choice to someone else, like your funeral director. That might work out ok, but is it worth taking the risk as you only have one chance to get it right? Be assured taking action today, you will have the service that you would hope for and the one that your loved one deserves. 

Take action now and contact me.

Telephone - 07788404240

Still Not Sure?

Take action now - read the independent Google reviews on Peter. 


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